From The Mouth Of Brides: Plus Size Bridal Guide

Each bride carries with her some reservation about wedding gown shopping- possibly an insecurity about her body, certain hesitation to the opinions of her friends and family members, or the consultant pulling a dress outside of the allotted budget. For plus size brides, these reservations can be exacerbated by the thought that there will not be options in the correct size.

I’m unabashedly a plus sized person. I have been plus sized for the majority of my life, and genuinely consider myself beautiful as I am. That being said, it can still be daunting to walk into a bridal store and not know what to expect. Here are five ways to navigate your bridal appointment:

1.) Resolve to stay positive. Remember that you are loved for exactly who you are. There might be parts of you that you are less than thrilled about, but that is true of almost every person.

2.) Remember that Bridal Shopping is different than shopping at your favorite store. It may take some imagination, but most of the gowns in the store can be ordered in your size. You are not limited to your size- you can try on outside of it. There are ways to show you how the fit would be in the proper size.

3.) Do your homework. While every gown is different on different people, and looks completely different on the rack than on a body, you can give your consultant a good idea of what you’re interested in – whether it be silhouette or material. If you’re a fit and flare girl, or you’re a ball gown person – it helps to know what you like. And if you don’t know – that’s totally fine! That’s what your bridal appointment is for: determining what you don’t like, and what you LOVE.

4.) Invite a supportive circle to your bridal appointment. Make sure the people surrounding you are people who often remind you how much beauty you posses and how your presence lights up a room. It sounds cliche, but it’s true. Remember that a lot of opinions coming at you can be confusing – especially if it conflicts with a gown you love.

5.) Trust your consultant. As a plus sized woman, and a bridal consultant, I am so honored and humbled when I can form a connection with my brides. Your consultant will ask for (and you are offering up) intimate details of your life and hopes and dreams, so it’s a pivotal moment for your consultant to be able to provide a safe environment for you to discuss those aspects of your life openly. Consultants know their inventory, and they will put you in dresses that fall in your price point (and always ask before going outside of budget). They can help you determine what materials and silhouettes you love!

My goal is that this helps encourage plus sized brides to feel confident when walking into their bridal appointments. Happy dress shopping!