Handle Your Lace With Grace

There’s an automatic reaction that happens to a Southern woman when she sees a lace gown. Her inner Scarlett O’Hara is activated and she feels completely at home in her femininity. Add a glass of sweet tea, and she’ll conquer the world.

There are few times when we don’t get a request for at least a touch of lace on a bridal gown. Most Southern brides picture themselves in some type of lace or another, and we are HERE for it. Lace adds sweetness and classic touch that is completely undeniable. It’s a popular choice for brides because it’s a crowd pleaser – mom and grandmother approved.

We happily feature many varieties of lace in our selection, and we are obsessed with every last one of them. Asking us to pick a favorite lace would be like asking us to choose a favorite cut of diamond– we love them all! Each has its own unique personality.

We will “oooooh” and “aaaaaah” with you as you try on lace gowns, and, if lace is the luxurious material of your dreams, we will celebrate with you as you select your dream dress. We can’t wait to see you!