How To Select Your Bridal Part

Some *Hopefully* Helpful Suggestions

If you’re anything like me (and for your sake I hope you are not), you’ve had a rotating list of bridesmaids swimming around in your head since you were four years old. Every time you’d lose a friend, they’d no longer make the cut, and then you’d readjust. It’s weird. I don’t think anyone else does it. SO, for those of you who haven’t been silently shoving your friends into an awkward hierarchy, here are some factors to consider:

1.) What’s Your Number?

Do you want the parties to be even? Who will most likely have the most people by his/her side when exchanging vows? Can you find a middle ground/compromise? Do your numbers have to be even? All good discussions to have before you jump into asking people to stand next to you.

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2.) The Long Game

If this person has been in your life for a long time and has aced the test of time with aces, she/he’s probably a solid bet. Now this is not to say you go out and select the person you’ve known the longest, but if there’s a depth of friendship there—that’s definitely something worth investing in wedding-wise.

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3.) How Deep Is Your Love?

Seriously, though, is there a depth of friendship there? Does your conversation consist mostly of celebrity gossip or do you shoulder each other’s burdens? When selecting a bridesmaid, it always serves you well to err on the side of depth.

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