From The Mouth Of Brides: Wedding Planning

Hi, y’all! My name is Sarah, and I’m one of the Bridal Stylists at Simply Blush Bridal. I was invited to write from my perspective as my fiancé and I are currently in the process of planning our February wedding. My hope is that you will laugh with me, cry with me, share with me, and roll your eyes with me as I discuss  wedding planning and my experiences as a bride.

Planning a wedding can be considered one of the most stressful endeavors a couple goes through together. If you’re anything like my fiancé and I, neither of us anticipated the other person being quite so strongly opinionated. I didn’t imagine ever having an argument about the color and texture of reception table linens, nor did I imagine the groomsmen tie could be a source of frustration for us.

When we got engaged, there was about a week of blissful engagement season before the magnitude of the event we’re planning began to weigh on us. I’d like to present you with a few “I do”s and “I don’t”s I’ve learned along the way, to make wedding planning a more peaceful process:


I do encourage my future husband even when I consider his opinion sub par to my own. I remind him (and he reminds me) that we’re on the same team, and at the end of the day we are planning for considerably more than our wedding – we’re planning for our marriage, legacy, and the rest of our lives. Our investment in our wedding, while substantial, shouldn’t even hold a candle to the preparation we’re doing for marriage itself.


I don’t make a decision without running it by Zach. I know everyone says that the emphasis should be on the bride and whatever she says goes, but it’s important to me that our wedding is a reflection of both of us. Our likes, our hopes, our dreams, and our future. Even if it’s a minor thing, I like to have his input because it gives me a pair of fresh eyes. Zach is also WAY better at managing a healthy wedding budget than I am, so it helps to see the logistical standpoint on everything. Sure, a confetti cannon is amazing, but will our guests be able to eat? These are the kind of questions Zach poses that I find absolutely helpful.


I do gather all of the details before making a decision about a vendor. I try diligently to not get my heart attached to the look of something before asking questions about the pragmatic qualities of it. I made this mistake early on when I fell head over heels for a venue, but it couldn’t properly accommodate a wedding of our size. There was minimal parking and very few bathrooms, but it was SO beautiful. Ultimately, we decided on a different venue because it didn’t make a lot of sense logistically for a 300 person wedding.


I don’t sweat the small details (anymore). In the beginning, I wanted to make sure everything was perfect and immaculate. The reality is that while your wedding will be exceedingly beautiful, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Each wedding is unique and stunning in its own right. Not every single thing will go according to plan, but you’re going to be married to someone you don’t want to do life without, so it makes all the stress worth it.

I am no expert on wedding planning, but I have several vantage points: I have been a bridesmaid, I have been a bridal consultant, and now I’m a bride who is about 6 months out from her wedding date. I will continue to blog about my experiences and my interaction with other brides. Follow along in my journey to the altar!

Happy planning!


(Photos provided by Holly Kearney Photography)