When Mother Nature Forgets To Save The Date

With Hurricane Florence approaching, we are all making sure our valuables are secured. It’s never a bad idea to do the same for your wedding! As you prepare for your wedding day, there are roughly a million things to keep in mind. Every single one of them feels important, and makes it feel as though your event hinges on each decision. One thing in particular that is imperative to help you relax while wedding planning is Wedding Day insurance!

We at Simply Blush Bridal are super passionate about making sure there are back-up plans for events, especially ones of the size and magnitude of a wedding day.

Here is some information about wedding insurance, what it can help with, and what it does not cover:

Wedding insurance policies
Typically, a wedding insurance policy offers two main types of coverage, which you can purchase separately or together.
• Liability insurance in a wedding insurance policy pays for damage to the venue that occurs during the event for which you are held responsible. It can also pay for medical costs if someone is injured or gets sick at your wedding. Often this coverage includes liquor liability insurance, which pays out in case you are sued for damages that drunken guests cause when they leave. Typical wedding liability insurance limits are $500,000 to $2 million, but may be as high as $5 million.
• Cancellation or postponement coverage reimburses you for costs if you have to cancel or delay your wedding because of extreme weather, injury or illness in the wedding party or the bride or groom’s immediate family, or for other reasons beyond your control. If you have to reschedule the event, this coverage helps pay for the cost of a new ceremony and reception. Many wedding cancellation policies also reimburse you for a single deposit if a vendor doesn’t show up, even if the wedding goes on.
• Additional insurance: “Deposit coverage” can be sold as a separate policy.
According to the Insurance Information Institute, optional riders for extra coverage can include:
• Military deployment of the bride or groom causing cancellation.
• The honeymoon, in case you must cancel your getaway.
• Gifts, if they are stolen.
• Professional counseling, if postponement or cancellation causes severe emotional distress.
• Liquor host liability insurance.

What wedding insurance doesn’t cover
You can get a wedding policy to cover just about anything outside of your control that messes with your big day, but most policies don’t pay for things like:
• Cold feet or a change of heart, with few exceptions.
• A rainy day, rather than extreme weather.
• Theft or loss of engagement ring.
• Deciding to switch to a different vendor, such as a caterer or florist, once you’ve already paid a deposit.
If your wedding includes fireworks, bounce houses, live animals or other attractions insurers find risky, you could be declined for a policy. Some insurers may still offer you a policy but exclude problems involving these types of attractions.

Weddings can be great fun, but you want to make sure- in the event of anything crazy- your bases are covered! Happy Planning!

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